Projektivisten GmbH
Bozener Straße 1
D-86316 Friedberg


With us it's all about projects!

Our company name "Projektivisten" consists of “projects“ and "activists“. Thus, we demonstrate that it's all about projects with us. We are working for you! We support you as a consultant, trainer, coach, facilitator, learning companion, networker or network partner. We are also active in projects, because projects are our passion. But you'll notice it in our work...

Ambitious goals, strategies and planned changes are implemented by projects. For successful project handling companies should not only know about professional project management but also about processes, structures and competences which are optimally adapted to the specific needs of each project. In addition, companies need to continually improve their capabilities in a competitive environment, e.g. do more work with fewer resources in less time. All this is closely related and implemented through projects.

What is important to us:

  • We adapt ourselves to your needs and provide customized solutions
  • We develop holistic solutions and implement them with you
  • We bring in much experience and extensive know-how in cooperation with you
  • We rely on close communication, coordination and cooperation of all participants
  • We continue to develop ourselves with you and discover new perspectives