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Here we inform you about our work, give more exciting news, report about interesting matters and important events, about books and professional articles as well as contributions to the GPM blog.

The Future of Project Management: Global Outlook 2019

The demands of connected and digital organizations operating in disrupted and rapidly changing landscapes dominated by challenges of the speed of integration are applying new levels of challenge to project and programme management across the world. The joint survey of AIPM, KPMG and IPMA reveal the future of project management lies in how the...


On the way to a project-oriented company - new book released (German language only)

Companies today face serious challenges: digital transformation, increasing complexity and disruptive changes. Only flexible organizations can be successful under these new conditions. Project-related work is therefore becoming more and more important for companies. However, it is no longer sufficient to limit oneself to individual projects and...


Vocabulary ISO/TR 21506 published

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) through its Technical Committee (TC) 258 “Project, programme and portfolio management” recently has published the ISO/TR 21506 “Project, programme and portfolio management – Vocabulary”. It describes terms that are used in documents authored by ISO/TC 258, and that meet any of the following...


The Handbook of Project Portfolio Management has been released

Managing large and complex organizations; balancing the needs of business-as-usual, new products and services and business change; assuring risk across everything the business does; these are all core requirements of modern business which are provided by the discipline of portfolio management.  The Handbook of Project Portfolio Management is...


ISO releases two new PM standards

In recent weeks, the International Organization for Standardization has published two new standards, ISO 21508 "Earned value management in project and program management" and ISO 21511 "Work breakdown structures for project and program management". Both standards were developed in TC 258, which has previously published...


Manifesto for Human Leadership

We believe in the creativity and motivation of human beings. We consider human leadership as pivotal in a highly networked and highly complex world. We understand the task of leadership as serving life and striving for conditions in which people, in their diversity, can contribute in the best possible way and in which they can develop themselves...


GPM Salary and Career Barometer 2017 reveals interesting insights into the project economy

The study "Salary and Career in Project Management 2017" recently published by the GPM German Project Management Association provides exciting insights into the world of project management. More than 1,000 participants took part in the survey and report on the practice of project management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For...


Competence and qualification requirements until 2030

The working world is changing, digitalization, globalization and flexibilization are only some of the trends that place new demands on the competences of the participants and thus also on their qualification. In a study performed by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs ( and Z-punkt GmbH (


15 years of engagement in standardization – a review

With the completion of the ISO 21503 "Guidance on program management" an era ends for me this year, the development of national as well as international standards. It all started in 2002, when GPM's Special Interest Group for “Standardization" involved new people in order to renew the DIN 69901 “Project Management” series of...


Synergies between sales and project management

Especially in companies with a strong focus on customer projects, synergies between sales and project management are necessary. For example, sales should involve one or more project management representatives in order to process the customer inquiry or offer, to clarify specific questions with the client, to prepare the initial planning of the...

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