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Here we inform you about our work, give more exciting news, report about interesting matters and important events, about books and professional articles as well as contributions to the GPM blog.


Projectivists on a journey through Central America

Projects in an intercultural context are already part of our repertoire since many years. This year we wanted to gain more insights into a special region, the Americas. This is why we started our journey mid-September towards Guatemala. In this exotic country with active volcanoes, tropical plants and an interesting Mayan culture we have...


New textbook on KPIs available (German language only)

Projects, programs and project portfolios are started for achieving a certain benefit, e.g. developing innovative products, designing an organization for more efficiency or utilising resources to the optimum. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a means to make the expectations of various stakeholders transparent and make them available for the...


Projectivists are "pro bono" active

We really appreciate volunteering as an important task in a society that wants to evolve. Therefore, the Projectivists engage themselves "pro bono", without compensation but with our state-of-the-art skills. In addition to volunteer activities for professional associations (GPM and IPMA) and standardization organisations (DIN and ISO),...


Second anniversary of the Projectivists - serving the projectized society

Time flies, and we can celebrate the second anniversary of the Projectivists. It was clear from the beginning that we would offer services for the projectized society. Although the name Projectivists occurred to us only after long reflection, it exactly fits what we are doing … with pleasure being active for projects. So we offer “pro bono” our...


DIN 69909 - Series of standards for multi-project management completed

The Project Management Committee of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) gave green light for the last two parts of the DIN 69909 Multi-Project Management - Management of Project portfolios, programmes and projects. After the release of Part 1 "Fundamentals" and Part 2 "Processes and Process Model" in 2013, recently...


Sucessful intercultural project management

Projects are increasingly being held with the participation of people from different cultural backgrounds. This increases on the one hand the complexity of social processes, on the other hand many new opportunities arise. Projects itself are an intercultural experience. People are deployed into projects from different organizational units (e.g....


Evolution of project management necessary

Project management is more than a methodology, it is a leadership concept, which must undergo a continuous transition from the level of the individual employee up to the top management. With the IPMA Competence Baseline Organisational (IPMA OCB®) the IPMA has presented a comprehensive description two years ago, which is also available in German...


Project Portfolio Management - The right projects done right!

The management of individual projects is now professionally implemented in many organizations. However, there is still a lot to be improved in the management of multiple projects. Here the project portfolio management comes into play. DIN 69909-1 "multiple projects management - management of project portfolios, programs and projects - Part 1:...


From Augsburg in the wide world ... and back again

Under this motto, Reinhard Wagner, CEO of Projektivisten GmbH, held a lecture at the "pm-forum- augsburg" . This forum brings together project managers from different companies and industries to exchange experiences. Reinhard Wagner was present at the foundation and a few years spokesman of the forum. In the lecture he focused mainly on...


Complexity in projects requires professional management

The management of complexity in projects, according to a recent study by the German Project Management Association in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin lands in the Top 3 of the most important trends in project management. What is meant by complexity? First, the complexity of (project) content. For example, in the automotive...

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