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The Handbook of Project Portfolio Management has been released

Managing large and complex organizations; balancing the needs of business-as-usual, new products and services and business change; assuring risk across everything the business does; these are all core requirements of modern business which are provided by the discipline of portfolio management.  The Handbook of Project Portfolio Management is the definitive publication that introduces and describes in detail project portfolio management in today’s ever-changing world. The handbook contains the essential knowledge required for managing portfolios of business change with real-life examples that are being used by today’s organizations in various industries and environments. The team of expert contributors includes many of the most experienced and highly regarded international writers and practitioners from the global project portfolio management industry, selected to provide the reader with examples, knowledge and the skills required to manage portfolios in any organization. Dennis Lock and Reinhard Wagner’s definitive reference on project portfolio management explains: the context and role of the discipline; the practical processes, tools and techniques required for managing portfolios successfully; the capability required and how to develop it. The text also covers the recognized standards as well as emerging issues such as sustainability and environment. Collectively, this is a must-have guide from the leading commentators and practitioners on project portfolio management from across the world.

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