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Voluntary projects made easy

Many projects take place beyond everyday´s work life in an honorary capacity, such as organizing a Scout camp, a church youth retreat, a music concert of a local choir and much more. This summer, the Projektivisten were active again in an honorary capacity and have managed the European Youth Camp of a religious organization ( From the initial idea through planning to a successful closure. The following special features were to consider in our project as they also apply to many volunteer projects: there is only a small budget available, the whole work has to be done by volunteers and the expertise in terms of (project) management is minimal. The wealth of ideas and initial enthusiasm are huge but evaporate quickly in the face of practical challenges and lack of time for volunteering - competing with actual work. Important for managing voluntary projects is to reducing the management to a minimum by using only the most important methods or tools pragmatically. We have limited ourselves to the management of the Youth Camp by using the "Project Canvas", a tool that (only) covers the most important aspects of a project ( The tool remained the whole time in the background, by the continual questioning of the aspects the organization team was always guided in the right direction. In this case, the organizing team was scattered internationally, therefore a monthly gathering via Skype played a major role to collect all expectations and take them into account while planning the camp. In some cases it is the role of a project manager to bring the organizing team “back on earth", because otherwise the whole project could run into trouble. The payback of "voluntary" efforts can be seen in the smiling faces of everyone involved. We have heard much praise and much encouragement for further activities in the future. Nothing better for a project manager to receive in his life, than such a feedback. Moreover, the project was accomplished according to schedule, budget and expectations…