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GPM Salary and Career Barometer 2017 reveals interesting insights into the project economy

The study "Salary and Career in Project Management 2017" recently published by the GPM German Project Management Association provides exciting insights into the world of project management. More than 1,000 participants took part in the survey and report on the practice of project management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For example, men in Germany work 8.2 hours more than the agreed 39 weekly hours, which is a reflection of the good economic situation, but may could cause problems in the longer term. The salary trend in Germany is also positive, with salaries ranging from an average starting salary of approx. EUR 56,000 up to an average of EUR 119,000 per year at the top level of the project directors. In particular, work experience, but also the PM hierarchy level, the degree of responsibility and the project level (individual project level, multi-project level, project portfolio management) were identified as key factors influencing the salary. Holders of specific certificates, such as the various certification levels of GPM / IPMA (Level D to A), can sometimes earn significantly higher salaries. Training and certification programs are very important to project managers, but transparent career paths in project management are still a key challenge for many organisations. The digital transformation is in full swing and has now arrived in project management as well. On the one hand, projects are being used to implement digitization. On the other hand, the project work itself is transformed by the use of digital media and places higher demands on the employees. Above all, employees are required to work at a higher reaction speed and with greater flexibility. More about the study at: