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GPM released the German version of ICB4

The IPMA International Project Management Association has launched a new version of the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (IPMA ICB®) last year. As a global standard, it plays a central role for the qualification and certification of people involved in the management of projects, programs and project portfolios. The standard shows competences in three areas: "Perspectives", "People" and "Practices". The GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement has published the German version of the IPMA ICB 4 today. Program Manager is Dr. David Thyssen who was already a member of the development team of IPMA ICB. A comprehensive program is currently underway at the GPM (, which aims at the conversion of qualification and certification in Germany in 2018. Course concepts and materials are adapted to the new IPMA ICB and also the certification is divided into a respective certification for project, program and project portfolio managers. The latter two are of particular interest to people managing complex programs in areas such as product development, change initiatives or strategy implementation, or in companies, managing portfolios of projects and programs. The GPM also plans to publish the competences for projects, programs and portfolios in separate volumes. So it will remain exciting next year…