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Competence and qualification requirements until 2030

The working world is changing, digitalization, globalization and flexibilization are only some of the trends that place new demands on the competences of the participants and thus also on their qualification. In a study performed by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs ( and Z-punkt GmbH ( entitled "Competence and Qualification Needs until 2030 – An analysis of the situation of the partnership for skilled workers". The challenges are summarized as follows: "In order to ensure prosperity and competitiveness, we must jointly ensure that specialists have the right skills and qualifications in the future as well. The matching between supply and demand on the labor market in times of structural change will be the decisive challenge for the economic and the labour market policy in the coming years ... Whoever keeps pace with technical progress, will be able to work healthier and motivated and contribute longer to the company. Qualification therefore pays for companies and employees alike."

The study highlights the following aspects of general competence requirements:

  • Physical activities are becoming less important
  • automation of knowledge work - between support and substitution
  • Strong demand for social interactive skills in a highly networked and service-oriented world
  • cross-sector/functional competencies are particularly in demand, but special competences remain important

As a result, the competence requirements that are important for projects and project management are increasing, among other things with competences for management and coordination, self-organisation, teamwork, service and support, problem solving, sales and influencing, as well as ICT skills. These must be strengthened across all professional groups through qualification measures.

The link to the survey results (German Language only):