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Synergies between sales and project management

Especially in companies with a strong focus on customer projects, synergies between sales and project management are necessary. For example, sales should involve one or more project management representatives in order to process the customer inquiry or offer, to clarify specific questions with the client, to prepare the initial planning of the project and to carry out an in-depth risk assessment. Thus, unrealistic expectations can be avoided and risks can be significantly reduced. After placing the order, responsibility for the project is transferred from sales to project management. This doesn´t mean that the sales department is out. There are many different tasks and interfaces, which still require a close cooperation between sales and project management. For example, in case of reporting to client representatives, possible scope changes or during the approval of deliverables. Sales can learn from the information project management provides, e.g. about the customer expectations, whether follow-up projects are pending and which market opportunities exist.

Apart from cooperating through individual projects with project managers, the sales department can also use project management for its own actions, e.g. in the development of a new market or new customer, in the processing of a complex offer or in the transformation of sales processes and structures. Sales can enrich its offer with project management services and offer holistic project work as one of its business models. Project management can also profit from the sales people, thinking beyond the individual project and its life cycle, incorporating the customer perspective into own considerations, from customers´ expectations to the result to the realization of intended benefits. In the course of the project, project managers are in close contact with customer representatives and should therefore acquire typical sales skills, such as communication, negotiation and cooperation.