Projektivisten GmbH
Bozener Straße 1
D-86316 Friedberg



Our relationship with our customers is our priority. Therefore, we want to get to know you and your ideas first. Then, we systematically take action for implementation. In this process, we include your experts from the beginning and coordinate with them regularly.

Clarification of orders

First, we want to learn about your expectations to us, to our cooperation and to the solution. Together we discuss the initial situation, your goals and requirements as well as the conditions for project implementation. Afterwards, we submit an offer together with a project plan which are the basis of our cooperation.

Situation analysis

At the beginning of the project work we analyze the current situation. For this purpose extensive discussion with selected people of your company form the basis for us to receive the necessary information to take action and find possible solutions.


In the conception process, we evaluate various options for solution, discuss advantages and disadvantages with your experts and recommend a solution which really suits you. Finally, we show you the path that leads to your solution and plan the next steps. In this way you get the big picture of implementation.


Even with the implementation we will assist you. First, it is useful to try out the solution in a pilot application, to test the efficiency and to adjust it if necessary. Afterwards, complete implementation can start. For this purpose, professional consulting as well as project-related marketing and communication are important.


Sustainability is of great value to us in the solution process and implementation. Therefore, we would like to know to what extent the goals in our project have been achieved and if the stakeholders are satisfied with the implementation. In this context the need of further action can result. Only if the goals have really been obtained and the stakeholders are satisfied, we are also satisfied with us.