Projektivisten GmbH
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Our offer is varied and covers the most important aspects of project management. We are well prepared to meet our customers' needs. This means for you that we always adapt our services to your individual needs. Challenge us!

Manage projects

We help you customize project management to the increased demands of today. For this, we use modern assessment methods for analysing the status quo (e.g. IPMA Delta or PM Delta) and then optimize the project management of your company on the basis of standards which we significantly co-developed (e.g. DIN 69901, ISO 21500). We adapt processes, structures and systems that are relevant for successful project management and prepare all stakeholders in training or coaching programs for their tasks.

Implement strategies

We'll show you how you can cleverly combine strategy and project work. We use approaches from the strategy work (e.g. Balanced Scorecard) and make them immediately available for project work. In parallel, we create the necessary processes to implement the strategy (e.g. for decisions, communication), structures (including decision-making bodies) and systems (including controlling/reporting systems).

Develop skills

Together with you we define the relevant skills for your company. We build on common international competence descriptions (including ICB Version 3.0), design an instrument for skills development and put this into practice. The competence development can take place as an individual coaching, team coaching or as a training for your employees. Besides the usual basic training, we offer a wide range of in-depth and specialized trainings.

Optimise processes

We holistically optimize processes which are relevant for project implementation. We rely in particular on our experience in innovation, product development and organisational development projects and make them available for you. The purpose of this (process) optimisation is a higher efficiency plus the use of synergies with other internal processes as well as processes with external partners (e.g. customers, suppliers). Part of the optimisation of processes is the coordination of the role descriptions, preparing documentation in the management system and the briefing and training of all participants.

Customize structures

We help you to adjust the relevant project management structures to the current challenges. In this context a better coordination between the line and the project organisation, the introduction of project management offices (PMO) as well as the formation of decision-making bodies are important. In addition, it is also about adjustment of the communicational- and leadership structures which are necessary for project implementation and the creation of a project-friendly organisational culture.

Increase performance

We increase the performance of your organization during implementation of multiple projects. We rely on the extensive instrumentation of multi-project management and business administration. We model the complex interplay between strategy, projects and the line organisation and derive a suitable set of key performance indicators (KPI) from it. For this purpose we take advantage of our work in various standardisation bodies (e.g. DIN, ISO) and respective associations (e.g. GPM, IPMA). For monitoring, control and reporting system we propose individual solutions.

Make changes

We make changes regardless of the perspective, e.g. working from the driver seat or as co-driver. After clarification of the current situation and expectations we propose an appropriate model of intervention. We set up the change project and facilitate as well as coordinate all steps necessary for implementation. To achieve a high acceptance close involvement of all participants in the analysis, solution identification and implementation is important to us. We will assist you with marketing and communication of the change project because we are convinced that these are important factors for success. In conflict situations we will also offer support for you. We facilitate between the participants and facilitate a sustainable implementation.